he publishes kisses on Instagram and a chat in which she is jealous- Corriere.it

from Salvatore Riggio
On social media Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara continue to exchange arrows and thoughts via social media, she wears a PSG shirt. And she mounts the controversy: divorce or a staging?
Even separated, or presumed as such, Mauro Icardi ……

‘No sign of coup in China’: Experts confident Xi Jinping still in control, dismiss social media rumours

There’s a strong possibility the Chinese premier could be in quarantine following the country’s strict ‘Zero Covid Policy’. Under the policy, every individual who enters China from abroad must undergo ……

Children paint a bright future for China, Japan and S.Korea

An annual children’s painting exhibition dedicated to promoting exchanges and friendships among children from China, Japan and South Korea kicked off in Shanghai The month-long event, which is in its ……

Pro-Kremlin TV turns on Putin’s mobilisation

21 mins ago – 7.50AM
Fiona washed houses into the sea, tore the roofs off others and knocked out power to the vast majority of two Canadian provinces as it made landfall before dawn Saturday as a big, powerful post-tropical cyclone.
Pro-Kremlin TV turn……

Chandigarh Chinese small loans apps: Police share confessional video of accused detailing the scam

The cyber cell of Chandigarh Police on Saturday shared a confessional video by one of the main accused arrested in the China-backed small loans apps case on its Twitter handle.
In the video shared on Saturday, the man Parvej Alam alias Jeetu Bhadana ca……

Li Qiaoming: General at Center of China Coup Rumors on Social Media

Unsubstantiated reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping is under house arrest and that China is in the midst of a military coup swirled on social media on Saturday.
Among the unproven rumors circulating is that Li Qiaoming, a general for the People’s……

All the Liverpool bars, restaurants and shops that have sadly closed this year

This year has been a difficult one for some, with new challenges to face as the cost of living crisis continues.
The rising cost of everything including milk, bread, petrol and energy bills has seen people and businesses across the country struggle &#8……

Glorifying vulgar fans further ruining the ‘NFL Experience’

While watching the NFL games on Sundays, note how many times crowd shots focus on families other than those who resemble the Addams or Manson families.

Do they show a father seated with his kids enjoying their time together as well-comported fans, a family sharing popcorn and sipping soft drinks, those more likely to be in a Norman Rockwell print than to be arrested for drunk and disorderly?

Glorifying vulgar fans further ruining the ‘NFL Experience’ comes via ChinaTechNews.com.

West works to deepen sanctions after Putin heightens threats

WASHINGTON (AP) — How do American leaders and their allies intend to respond if President Vladimir Putin seeks to escalate his way out of a bad situation on Ukraine’s battlefields, and makes good on renewed threats of annexing territory or even using n……

Mexico draws young American professionals working remotely

As remote work in the age of COVID-19 is forecast to stay for many Americans, more and more professionals are choosing new places to live. Lately, more Americans have been choosing to live in Mexico, including Mexico City.
It has become a top destinati……